Dogs Available for Adoption

 . sadie .  . sadie .
  • Husky
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
Sadie is a pretty typical husky. She has a quirky, fun-loving personality. She does not do well with the other dogs at the shelter. She loves to run and play. She needs to be on a leash or in a fenced-in yard as she is likely to be a runner.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Karma Girl .
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
You will not find a sweeter dog in the world than Karma Girl. She loves everyone and is a lap dog. We assume she might be a bed hog too! She does well with other dogs and should do well in any family situation.
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Harley .  . Harley .  . Harley .
  • Mixed Breed
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
Harley has gone from home to home and is looking for someone who will provide a stable, loving home. He is very sweet and playful. He is a bit strong so needs a strong owner. He does well with other dogs and children. He is two years old. How can you resist that face?
Young, Male, Large